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September 24, 2011
the one at Luca Luca

There was lots to love at Luca Luca, but my favorite look was this chiffon gown with black rosette details… took my breath away.

That dress looks gorgeous! I am a total sucker for cut out backs. And polka dots. And black and white color schemes. I think my closet needs this dress…

Same.. we should split it and do 50/50 throughout the year haha :)

It’s seriously stunning. That’s a show I’m bummed I missed, but I did end up running into a woman who works for them and they work in Miami so maybe we can connect. ;)

Dude, you totally should. The show was so gorgeous… you definitely need to connect with her!

YES – by far, my favorite too. Absolutely beautiful.. and you got such a good little video snippet of it!


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