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August 18, 2016
My 2 Biggest Skincare Concerns

When I was younger I had no conception of what skincare was. I thought that my skin would stay tight until I was magically “older” and then when you became a Grandma it would get a lot more wrinkly. Yup, true story. Over the past 5 years I’ve really worked to change my habits and be more diligent about washing my face, my nighttime routine, and also be open to trying new products to see if they work for my skin.

As personal as style is, skincare is too. My skin is not the same as yours or my mom’s or sister’s either. Over time I’ve discovered that my skin is actually very thin naturally, meaning that small marks or scars can show up more easily and that I’m also a bit oily and dry (combination).

That old saying of “feeling comfortable in your skin” really means so much more today than it did when I was in college. I’ve mentioned recently that you grow into knowing what styles make you comfortable and what works for you and the same goes for your skin as you age. My two biggest insecurities are a little redness I developed around my nose and losing collagen (faster than I expected).

Somewhere in between my massive life changes and time in Denver and Chicago I developed some redness around my nose that has never gone away. While most skincare products that don’t require a prescription are aimed at treating things like acne, dryness and other common problems I found it difficult to find anything that addressed redness. I was so excited to discover the Serum Absolut RC by Luzern for that exact reason! After a few weeks of applying every night I started seeing a difference and with more sunlight (that somehow seems to help), I’ve noticed a massive improvement in the redness around my nose.

Collagen is something like youth that escapes you without you even realizing. As I’m quickly approaching 30 (woof), I’m starting to take more measures to protect mine. I love the Serum Absolut Firming Collagen Booster because it’s an easy addition to my nighttime ritual and gives me some extra prevention. My favorite thing about Luzern is that it’s free of toxic ingredients and there’s an abundance of care and thought that went into the recipe for each product to produce maximum results.

What are your biggest skincare concerns?

This post was in collaboration with Luzern! As always all opinions are my own, thanks for supporting the brands that I love!

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