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February 14, 2014
Floral Fondness

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I’m becoming a really big sucker for flowers these days. It’s pretty comical because I am convinced I actually have a black thumb (I can’t keep anything alive for more than a few days in a vase), but I’m excited to start learning how to create more beautiful bouquets. I’ve been picking up new hobbies left and right it feels like but I’m excited that they’re actually things that will benefit me as I continue to (ugh) get older.

Not only am I drawn to real flowers and bouquets, but I love floral prints on just about everything. I can’t seem to get enough of these gorgeous floral prints from places like Michael Angove, Rifle Paper Co, and Nina Campbell. I want them on everything! Calendars, recipe boxes, stationary, thank you notes, wallpaper… you name it.

The other week we had an amazing breakfast with Michael himself at the Thompson Hotel for the launch of his candles and soaps for Jo Malone London. It was such a pleasure to hear about his creative process and what goes into creating a print like that. More to come on that in coming weeks as we approach the launch!

I’m looking forward to Spring so much and am going to be taking my floral obsession into my next shopping trip… I really can’t imagine me not owning this playsuit and this romper. I’m longing for sunny days!

Are you great with flowers? What are your tricks? Teach me! I’ve been on a big Pinterest kick these days and if you’d like to follow you can see my boards here and pick the ones you like or all of them! I just started a flower board finally too.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! I will be announcing the winner of the Je Ta’ime sweater tomorrow after it ends tonight. Wishing you all much love today! xoxo




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