5 Tips For Buying Custom Furniture

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    If you asked me what my favorite part of our apartment is, I’d have to say the view. It’s absolutely breathtaking and such a beautiful way to wake up and go to sleep every night marveling at the city lights or the boats on the Hudson. When we first started…

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    New York

    Finding A Home In NYC

    apartment hunting nyc, brooklyn residential buildings, 550 vanderbilt, pacific park brooklyn

    Finding a place to truly call home in New York City is extremely tough, especially when you’re looking for something that you want to stay in for the long haul. Most apartments are tiny walk ups with limited amenities, no built in A/C or heat, and noisy as all get out. Some say…

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    Taking Care Of Yourself

    care of vitamins, personalized vitamins, the view from 5 ft. 2, tips for getting healthy

    I decided before this year started that I would do a better job of taking care of myself – body, mind, and soul. Getting older is scary because things can happen and change without you even realizing. I took a hard look at my habits and know that I haven’t…

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    New Year Closet Cleanout

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    How to build a wardrobe that you love – it’s an ongoing learning experience and something that will continue to change every year. I just finished a major closet cleanout and re-org this weekend and had to take a step back and look at things from a new lens. It’s…

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