Need For Green


    While I’m catching up on my life and trying to find any kind of groove again, my list of things to do has become a balance between work, being a good friend and family member, blogging, and working on our apartment. We’ve taken things slowly around here, but I’m itching to…

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    In Between

    vince easton booties

    Happy Monday! I’m back home after a week away and still playing catch up across the board. We had a wedding in Martha’s Vineyard that parlayed into a trip to Disney World with my family and 3 year old nephew and I came back extremely tan and super tired. I…

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    Changing Seasons

    lace dress, ann taylor, block heels, christine petric, the view from 5 ft. 2

    Time to put away the rose, it’s red season baby. Football has started and I’m embracing the change in seasons with new colors and new pieces for the next few months. I wore a ton of white this summer and have tried to neutralize my wardrobe a bit so that…

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    Getting Personal


    martha's vineyard

    Some days it feels like I am too busy to think deeply about anything other than what I want for lunch and then dinner. This was one of the busiest summers I’ve ever had and it’s actually full speed ahead going into fall. I mentioned this before, but I really…

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